Minneola Tangelo

Can be identified by the knob-like formation at their stem. They are exceptionally juicy with a bold, tangy flavor. Available mid-December through April.

Orlando Tangelo

Known for their juicy, mild, and tangy sweet flavor. With a light orange, pebbled exterior and close-fitting rind, they also have a slightly flat shape. Available in December.

Ojai Pixie Tangerine

Named for the lush Ojai region of Southern California where they’re grown. They are small in size, as their name suggests, seedless and intensely sweet. Available mid-March through May.

Fairchild Tangerine

Complex flavor that’s both spicy and tart. Unique in shape and color, slightly flat with a deep orange exterior and bright orange interior. Available November through December.

Seasonal Availability

Navel Orange
Valencia Orange
Cara Cara Navel Orange
Blood Orange
Eureka & Lisbon Lemon
Meyer Lemon
Pink Variegated Lemon
Persian Lime
Key Lime
Finger Lime
Red, Pink and White Grapefruit
Melo Gold grapefruit
Oro Blanco grapefruit
Tangerines & Tangelos
Minneola tangelo
Orlando tangelo
Ojai Pixie tangerine
Fairchild tangerine
Clementine & W. Murcott mandarin
Royal mandarin
Gold Nugget Variety mandarin